Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here's to getting healthy!

 So I've made blogs like this before. Blogs that had to do with me getting healthy, dieting, etc. But it seems to be different this time. I am ready for my journey. I think mainly because I am starting to feel the side affects of my weight issue from being in pain often, to having an upset stomach almost constantly, getting sick way more than I used to, and just being overall lazy. I'm sure there are a few other ailments I forgot to mention or perhaps some are just too gross to put on the internet when I barely know ya ;)

So I had an overnight decision that I will be doing a water fast. I'll document it for you guys. Although, my decision was overnight. I have done a lot of research on it over the years. But, who wants to go without food for a while? That has been my mindset over the years. The fact that it was going to be a difficult task has always made me go in the other direction. This time is different though. I want to heal my body. I am severely addicted to many things that are bad for me and I believe that this will help me fight my addictions as well as allow me to reap many other benefits.

Now I know there are tons of people out there for water fasting and tons of people out there that believe it to be the most stupid decision a man or woman can possibly make. I'm not here for your opinions on how smart or stupid it is. I'm here to do it (because I am going to regardless of your opinions) and document it for you.

Of course I will document daily (as long as I feel up to it) and I will also document post fast. I feel strongly that I will be eating more fruits and vegetables than anything else after this fast. From what I have read, it seems to be what the body craves, the real nutrients from God's green earth.

Anyways, her is to getting healthy!! Let's do it <3